• Question: Who inspires you?

    Asked by knit364paw to Vassilis, Pizza, Line, Kareena, Caroline on 12 Nov 2019. This question was also asked by join364paw, away364paw, xmas364paw, Sana.H, Mia17, beep364bug, star364bug.
    • Photo: Line Caes

      Line Caes answered on 12 Nov 2019:

      The children with chronic pain, that is pain that is present for more than 3 months and is there almost every day. Chronic pain is really difficult to deal with, but the children and their parents always find a way. I am really inspired by them to find better ways to deal with this type of pain.

    • Photo: Vassilis Sideropoulos

      Vassilis Sideropoulos answered on 12 Nov 2019:

      I think this is a very difficult question to answer. Everyone motivates me, even young people like all of you who are interested in learning more about our science. It’s really everyone out there.

    • Photo: Caroline Brett

      Caroline Brett answered on 15 Nov 2019:

      It depends, really. Other health psychologists or people doing similar work to me inspire me in my research and career. As a person, I find people who have succeeded despite struggling with difficult circumstances to be quite inspiring