• Question: where have you got in your research?

    Asked by xray364den to Vassilis, Pizza, Line, Kareena, Caroline on 15 Nov 2019.
    • Photo: Line Caes

      Line Caes answered on 15 Nov 2019:

      We now know which response to a child in pain are helpful (like trying to relax the child by taking a deep breath or taking the child’s mind of the pain by playing a game or reading a book) and which responses are not helpful (like asking many questions about the pain or saying “it will be over soon”). We also know that for some parents it is difficult to respond in a helpful way as they feel too upset when their child is in pain and panic. So we want to find our now how we can best help parents to make sure they don’t panic and can remain calm to be helpful when their child is in pain.

    • Photo: Caroline Brett

      Caroline Brett answered on 15 Nov 2019:

      We know quite a lot about the individual characteristics (like personality, resilience, etc.) that affect how people rate their wellbeing and happiness. We also know some of the things that make people happy, like singing, or spending time outdoors. However, what we don’t know are how we might be able to improve people’s wellbeing by increasing some of these individual characteristics, like resilience and optimism. We also need to understand better how some things increase happiness