• Question: Is this your only job

    Asked by grew364day to Vassilis, Pizza on 12 Nov 2019.
    • Photo: Vassilis Sideropoulos

      Vassilis Sideropoulos answered on 12 Nov 2019:

      I am also working a Researcher for a project that attempts to understand how we can help smokers quit smoking! Thanks for asking

    • Photo: Pizza Ka Yee Chow

      Pizza Ka Yee Chow answered on 13 Nov 2019:

      Hi grew364day,

      If job here refers to researchers, then yes, I am focusing on research – asking questions, generate hypotheses (and predictions), design experiments, collect and analyse data, write report. But if the job itself comes with diverse role – I am also down for supervising students projects, lab managements, animal husbandry (including welfare) and teaching and of course, promote science services too!

      Hope the answer helps 🙂