• Question: How do you plan to take these IQ tests?

    Asked by Sophier17 to Pizza, Vassilis, Line, Kareena, Caroline on 9 Nov 2019. This question was also asked by xmas364air.
    • Photo: Pizza Chow

      Pizza Chow answered on 9 Nov 2019:

      Hi Sophier17,
      A few things that I (and other researchers in the field of animal behaviour) mostly do are get to know what a species do, followed by designing an objective task for them and recording the information.
      For example, if I want to know how squirrels use their way to get food from a bird feeder that are supposed to be ‘squirrel proof’, I could design a bird feeder that has obstacles and squirrels have to look for a way to get their food. So once this bird feeder is designed, I could put it in a garden, in a park etc and spend time to watch what and how the squirrels do it. More importantly, I records these information so as to understand how do they perceive and navigate the world.